Saturday, January 23, 2010


Our hero is cornered*.
Well Sergeant, looks like you're outnumbered for once. I know it's exaggerating bringing all these men, but you never know, huh?

I've heard a lot of Germans make this mistake. Where we have 'exaggerate' and 'overdo' Germans only have '├╝bertreiben', which means both to do and to say more than is necessary or true. I'm guessing Chinese is the same. Not sure what to make of "we're going to make you into mashed banana" though.

* In a children's playground. Our hero, by the way, is Jackie Chan. Whatever you're imagining, it's better.**
** Yeah I'm critiquing the translation in 80's Hong Kong cinema. No I didn't find shooting fish in a barrel too challenging. Shut up.

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